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Cryptozoic [Oct. 8th, 2010|04:17 pm]
I spent the afternoon driving from LA down to Irvine. Sam called me about 15 minutes into the drive and talked to me for the rest of the trip. He is so sweet to me. There was a ton of traffic on the way down, so the company was appreciated.

Now I'm listening to John talk to his not-ex-wife on the phone, and it's really fascinating hearing a different kind of maturity come out of his mouth. Seeing a different side of my friend right now.

The Cryptozoic offices are pretty cool, and when I got here I was excited to find that my WoW Figureprint had arrived. I'm a big fan, it looks super cool. I posted a photo to my twitter.

I ought to be productive today, but I don't know what kind of productivity I should be accomplishing. Blogging feels nice, though.

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