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Dining around LA with friends [Oct. 15th, 2010|07:12 am]
[October 15th's Post]
Busy day yesterday. Had lunch with Sarah Hayden at a yummy sushi place in Beverly Hills. We talked about high-maintenance friends, agency jobs, and food in Evanston.

Skipped the gym in the afternoon and went home because I was worried about Sam (he had a doctor's appointment and didn't text me afterwards). Turns out everything is fine. We talked on skype for a little over two hours and then I went out to Miceli's for dinner where I introduced Lucy to Willie and Jake. She liked them. Yay!

Drove back feeling so full of food that was bad for me that I decided to go to the gym at 11 pm. Not a bad choice, though I couldn't get myself to work out for more than 25 minutes because my tummy was pretty full of food.

Today I'm going Halloween shopping with my cousin Tiffany and having dinner with family friend Stacy.

Calories Yesterday: 300 sushi, 230 protein bar, A MILLION in Eggplant Parmesan and appetizers
Gym: 250 cal elliptical