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Nap Time Dreams Are Strange [Oct. 7th, 2010|01:02 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

I dreamed I was road tripping across an unknown desert country (somewhere in the middle east, I don't know). My Prius had the ability to transform into a giant inflatable fish (very useful and lightweight) and when it was in Prius form it seemed to be made out of edible bread on the inside.

I was walking back to my car which was for some strange reason parked at a small outlet on a highway when I saw that it had a ticket. I decided to change the Round Minnie ornament on my antenna to Round Mickey, and as I did that some teenagers approached me. At first I thought they harbored some ill will, but they ended up playing with some of the things in my backseat, making fun of how American it was but not in a bad way. One of the girls gave me her phone number and we spoke to each other in muddled French. I hopped in the car and drove away, experiencing some weird technical difficulties with it (it was not on, so I had to power it on while I was driving).

Then I came to a town that simply didn't belong in the middle of the desert. There were large inflatable/kite-like decorations everywhere, a fake looking castle on a distant hill, and mini golf of all sorts just about everywhere. It was kitschy and really cool and I was sad that I had no one to play mini golf with. I drove on to find a place to eat, turned my Prius into an inflatable fish, caused a bit of a ruckus at an outdoor cafe while trying to get into the parking lot (I dragged the fish over some lady's dinner) and finally made it into a parking lot. Someone was looking for me to see who had made the mess, so I turned the Fish back into the Prius and drove off.