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Another boyfriend conversation [Jan. 12th, 2012|05:42 pm]
 Sam:  yay
i'm heading home now
 me:  YAY
also I am dressed like a pirate.
 Sam:  why
 Sam:  oh okay

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An extended explanation of how I spent 20 hours trapped in Temescal Canyon [Feb. 25th, 2011|12:09 am]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

We were in Temescal Canyon, a hiking area in the Santa Monica Mountains; we were hiking up a creek, climbing over rocks, trying to make it up the creek without getting our feet wet. It was a lot of fun at first, and great exercise. My friend who organized this ill-fated expedition was under the impression that if we kept following the creek we would eventually connect to a different path which would be easier to follow back down the mountain. We should have seen the signs -- we passed three bad omens as we reached the edge of what we now believe to be the reasonable edge of the hiking area.

Omen 1: A statue of the Virgin Mary which appeared to contain someone's ashes, sitting on a rock in the middle of the stream.
Omen 2: the femur of some animal floating in the creek.
Omen 3: a dead rat floating in the stream.

By the time we determined that there was no exit in distance, if any at all, we were already way too far from the bottom of the trail to make our way back. It got dark and we decided to use the last remaining light to find a safe place to spend the night. We were woefully ill-prepared, four out of five of us wearing shorts and t-shirts.

The sun went down around 7. We made our way back to a nice clearing that we'd found half an hour earlier, thinking it might be a decent place to spend the night. We piled leaves around ourselves and pressed close together, but we were so cold that we decided to try to trek back to the car in the dark.

We walked downstream and through brambles along the edge of the creek for three hours making slight progress with a failing flashlight, and finally we found a cozy nook in the rock wall a little bit away from the stream where we settled down and waited until sunrise at 6 am. Our sneakers and socks were soaked through and we spent the night sharing the three jackets we had between us and huddling together warming each others' feet in the hopes of fending off frostbite (it was 40 degrees out, so it was bad but it could have been worse). We passed the night talking and trying to keep our minds occupied. Every few minutes we'd take account of our level of coldness and discomfort and try to adjust ourselves accordingly. My extraordinarily kind friends allowed me to wear the warmest coat all night in exchange for rubbing their feet to maintain circulation.

None of us slept for more than five or ten minutes at a time, and then only by losing consciousness unintentionally. When the sun came up we pulled on our still soaking wet shoes and socks and stumbled down to the creek on rubbery legs. We did our best to walk back to the start of the trail through tall grass and brambles rather than over the rocks we'd climbed up over. We made it back down to the car around 10:30 am.

I swear I've never been so happy to see the sun as the moment it rose that morning, nor so happy to feel my toes as I was when I took my soaking wet shoes in the car and wiggled my toes. The truly amazing thing is how my body kicked into survival mode; I didn't cry the entire time we were on the hike and I didn't feel very hungry despite the fact that I had consumed less than a thousand calories that day. In typical Sara fashion, I already had a bad cough before the hike and I ended up going to the hospital with a fever of 102 a few hours later. To the best of my knowledge my four friends who were trapped with me are in much better condition than I am, though one of them messed up his ankle somewhere along the way.

I'm recovering now, though my legs are still covered in cuts and bruises from the brambles, razor grass, and rocks. I have a tick bite on my left breast, though I removed the tick myself within what I guess to be 12 hours. I spent four hours waiting at the emergency room and then five hours in the actual examining room with an IV fluid drip and a fluctuating fever. My chest was x-rayed and my teeth chattered the whole time that I stood in the x-ray room in my hospital gown. By the end of the night I had a sheet and four blankets on top of me. I was released at 3 am and went to bed around 4. My fever broke some time around 8 am though it came back once or twice during the day.

I've been reasonably well since about 6 pm and I'm hoping that my health will continue to improve from there. My mom arrived around 4 pm to take care of me. She's staying in my spare room. Thanks to all my friends who've helped me and offered to help or just expressed concern. Brian drove me to the hospital, and my mom's friend Susan came to the hospital and waited with me for 7 hours and drove me home. So many of my LA friends have checked in to see if I needed any help. That really means a lot considering I've only been out here for six months.

This was a terrifying experience and I'm still super freaked out whenever I feel even the slightest bit cold. I never expected this to be something I would ever experience.
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Another Brief Sam Conversation [Nov. 19th, 2010|03:33 pm]
[Current Mood |sillysilly]

me: did you register our blogz?
Sam: not yet
me: want me to do it? I have nothing to do.
me: or you can do it RIGHT NOW
Sam: i got this
me: yay!
Sam: you'll put like purple dragons and crowns and shit on it
me: >_>
me: we make a good team. 
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Some Archie Comics Humor... [Oct. 25th, 2010|11:42 am]
[Current Mood |nerdynerdy]

Sam: archie is now into s+m
me: that doesn't sound true at all...
Sam: i got the scoop
me: did you get the scoop from a guy named Reggie Mantle?
Sam: ...
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What I'm Doing This WEekend [Oct. 22nd, 2010|01:03 am]
[Current Location |Irvine]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

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A Brief Update [Oct. 15th, 2010|08:29 pm]
[Current Location |Bel Air]
[Current Mood |indifferentindifferent]

Yesterday I ate 260 calories around noon and then a zillion calories of sushi around 7. That was not intentional, I just got distracted Halloween shopping at Trashy. Got a pirate costume. Whoo.

Today I saw RED, which I actually quite enjoyed despite the mediocre reviews it received. I fully recommend it.

Also went shopping a bit at Century City. Got some black tights and a super cute set of pink pajamas (totally justifiable since... I love pajamas.)

Now I'm having an evening in, though it hasn't been too eventful thus far because Sam is playing Starcraft.

Exercise: none
Calories: so far about 1100
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Dining around LA with friends [Oct. 15th, 2010|07:12 am]
[October 15th's Post]
Busy day yesterday. Had lunch with Sarah Hayden at a yummy sushi place in Beverly Hills. We talked about high-maintenance friends, agency jobs, and food in Evanston.

Skipped the gym in the afternoon and went home because I was worried about Sam (he had a doctor's appointment and didn't text me afterwards). Turns out everything is fine. We talked on skype for a little over two hours and then I went out to Miceli's for dinner where I introduced Lucy to Willie and Jake. She liked them. Yay!

Drove back feeling so full of food that was bad for me that I decided to go to the gym at 11 pm. Not a bad choice, though I couldn't get myself to work out for more than 25 minutes because my tummy was pretty full of food.

Today I'm going Halloween shopping with my cousin Tiffany and having dinner with family friend Stacy.

Calories Yesterday: 300 sushi, 230 protein bar, A MILLION in Eggplant Parmesan and appetizers
Gym: 250 cal elliptical
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Updates on your girl in LA [Oct. 13th, 2010|04:00 pm]
[Current Mood |sleepy]

[Yesterday's post, delayed but major internet problems]

Had an interview with a management agency today. Not sure if I want to work for a management group, but if I did this might be a nice match for me. The woman who interviewed me turned out to be a Northwestern alum, which is always nice. I got a laid-back, communal vibe from the office (at least, as laid-back as any Hollywood agency is going to be) and the office is about 5 minutes from my gym. The problem is that I don't want to be a manager or an agent, I want to be a writer. Besides the "I'm unemployed" thing, the only real reason to take a job there is to network and get a better understanding of the biz. Not that they've offered me a job or anything.

Right now I'm still waiting to hear back about the PA job I interviewed for last week. I still really want it, but if I'm unemployed I get to fly back to Evanston to see Sam for a week (and Halloween). Note: drama related potential visit to Evanston to come.

Tonight I had dinner with an old friend from New York Film Academy. She's out here trying to make it in the music biz.

Drove home from sushi on the phone with Sam. He's a really wonderful boyfriend. I just wish I could be with him now.

Tomorrow I'm going to lunch with a friend from Northwestern who graduated a year ahead of me, and then for dinner I'm going out with Willie, Jake, and Lucy so they can meet each other and so I can drag all of them to Micelli's.

Exercise: 250 calories on the elliptical
Food: ~1350
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Cryptozoic [Oct. 8th, 2010|04:17 pm]
I spent the afternoon driving from LA down to Irvine. Sam called me about 15 minutes into the drive and talked to me for the rest of the trip. He is so sweet to me. There was a ton of traffic on the way down, so the company was appreciated.

Now I'm listening to John talk to his not-ex-wife on the phone, and it's really fascinating hearing a different kind of maturity come out of his mouth. Seeing a different side of my friend right now.

The Cryptozoic offices are pretty cool, and when I got here I was excited to find that my WoW Figureprint had arrived. I'm a big fan, it looks super cool. I posted a photo to my twitter.

I ought to be productive today, but I don't know what kind of productivity I should be accomplishing. Blogging feels nice, though.
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Nap Time Dreams Are Strange [Oct. 7th, 2010|01:02 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

I dreamed I was road tripping across an unknown desert country (somewhere in the middle east, I don't know). My Prius had the ability to transform into a giant inflatable fish (very useful and lightweight) and when it was in Prius form it seemed to be made out of edible bread on the inside.

I was walking back to my car which was for some strange reason parked at a small outlet on a highway when I saw that it had a ticket. I decided to change the Round Minnie ornament on my antenna to Round Mickey, and as I did that some teenagers approached me. At first I thought they harbored some ill will, but they ended up playing with some of the things in my backseat, making fun of how American it was but not in a bad way. One of the girls gave me her phone number and we spoke to each other in muddled French. I hopped in the car and drove away, experiencing some weird technical difficulties with it (it was not on, so I had to power it on while I was driving).

Then I came to a town that simply didn't belong in the middle of the desert. There were large inflatable/kite-like decorations everywhere, a fake looking castle on a distant hill, and mini golf of all sorts just about everywhere. It was kitschy and really cool and I was sad that I had no one to play mini golf with. I drove on to find a place to eat, turned my Prius into an inflatable fish, caused a bit of a ruckus at an outdoor cafe while trying to get into the parking lot (I dragged the fish over some lady's dinner) and finally made it into a parking lot. Someone was looking for me to see who had made the mess, so I turned the Fish back into the Prius and drove off.
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